About Me

My name is Paul Denato and I'm a professional web developer/designer. My experience spans the design gamut as I've also worked on print and presentation graphics as well as product development and packaging design.

While my last few positions have had me mostly doing web design/development, I have also done product development work for Knex, a construction toy company, where I took projects from the early concept stages to the shelves of Toys R' Us.

At Creative MediaWorks I worked on a wide variety of projects. I would be responsible for creating meeting graphics for power point presentations, binders, posters, thumb drives and various other collateral materials. On occasion we would create interactive CDs to show method of action for various medications. These could be used for mailers or, more often than not, were handed out and on display at medical trade shows.

While at Sea Gull Lighting, I had the opportunity to work for a large manufacturing company with many different brands. We handled the web sites and interactive media for nearly all of them. I was not only responsible for creating the front end look and feel for the web sites, but was also fortunate enough to be included in the back end programming for the product database.

In my current position I have most of the same responsibilities as well as some new ones. I have the flexibility to assign tasks to coworkers to ensure projects are completed timely. I am also included in the rebranding projects Einstein has undertaken. I have the freedom to be more active on the database side for my designs which I believe has helped me become well rounded.

On this web site are examples of my work, my resume and my contact information. Thank you for your interest in my work and taking a moment to view my site.